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Protecting What's Important!

In today's world the efforts to enhance safety and security in schools, places of worship and even businesses have become continuous in nature. Our company was created to assist public and private sector organizations, as well as individuals, in reaching their safety and security goals, while providing training and consulting services based on integrity and professionalism.

Our goal is to provide your organization with the most up to date resources for Emergency Management, Risk Mitigation, Law Enforcement / Security Management assistance, in addition to, Strategic and Operational Planning which includes OSHA emergency preparedness requirements.We also educate and train individuals with Crime Prevention Personal Protection Techniques and Strategies, which includes a Concealed Carry Armed Encounter Simulation Pistol Target Drill Session for those who wish to consider a concealed carry option. In addition, our training program offers a Personal Protection Empty Hand Self Defense Session.

A Crisis Incident is an extraordinary event which places lives and property in danger, and requires the commitment and coordination of several resources to bring about a successful resolution. Each organization and individual has a role to play in obtaining preparedness strategies, and effective response techniques for collective and individual protection.

Crisis Incident Response and Preparedness

Definition of Crisis Incidents.

Emergency Preparedness planning.

Crisis Incident Stages.

Seven Critical Task.

Crisis Incident Stress Management.

Threat Assessment Teams.

Legal Considerations.

Basic OHSA Emergency Preparedness Requirements.

Active Shooter in the Workplace Response.

                     Cost: $25.00 

Special Event Crowd Management

Pre-planning of operations before the event.

Adaptation Strategy of operations during the event.

Operational Review directly after the event.

Cost: $15.00