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Emergency Preparedness and Response  

Each day the news media informs us of the growing number of crisis incidents that occur in educational institutions, private organizations, and places of worship. We can assist your institution, organization or business with developing or improving emergency preparedness and response strategies. Our company offers ;

Risk and Threat Vulnerability Assessments

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  • Legal Liability review.
  • Mitigation management.
  • Safety and Security Procedures Improvement.
  • Incident Reporting and Document Management Procedures.

Emergency Preparedness Enhancement Programs

  • Establishment of an All-Hazards Incident Action Plan.
  • Identify and document departmental and individual employee emergency response procedures.
  • Employee preparedness and response training.

Safety and Security Department Management

  • Security Officer Program Development.
  • Personnel Staffing and Budget.
  • Security Emergency Response Training and Drills.
  • Strategic Report Writing.
  • Access Control and Security Camera Placement. 

Crisis Incident Response and Preparedness Booklet

Cost: $25.00

Includes a FREE Emergency Preparedness Plan Checklist Form.