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In times when crime is on the rise, we must be aware and practice personal protection techniques in order to avoid becoming a victim. Our Company has developed training programs to address this issue.

Individual Safety Strategies for the Workplace and School Environment.

Attendees will learn practices and techniques to safe guard against environmental and man made crisis events while at work, on public transportation, and while at social events.

Class Time: 1.0 Hour

Cost: $100.oo Per Group Session.  

Individual Protection Empty Hand Techniques .

This is an individual training session on Personal Protection Empty Hand Techniques to prevent physical assaults. There is no fitness or age level required to enroll in the session, and it is offered to all gender groups.

Class Time: 2.5 Hours

( Click the Contact Page or send us a email to get more information).  

Fundamentals of Firearms Use and Safety Book (Visit our Web Store Page). This book covers the rules of firearms safety, protective shooting tactics, in addition to which handguns are best suitable for home and individual self protection.

Protective Shooting Training Session for Home Protection and Concealed Carry . Two hour individual and group sessions can be arranged via our Contact Page. The class session is great for those involved in or just considering the concealed carry option, or for individuals that only need a firearm for home protection. Our instructors use Paintball Marker Simulation Firearms, Eye Protection and Mounted Armed Offender Targets. The process instructs the student on how to tactically react in real life armed encounter situations, with focus on reaction techniques and shooting while moving.

Protective Shooting Training Session.

Personal Safety Awareness and Practices for College Students Booklet.

  • Awareness Techniques for Walking and Jogging.
  • Vehicle Operation Tactics.
  • Social Media Protection Strategy.
  • Out of State Travel and Dormitory Safety.
  • Public Venue Individual Safety Strategy.
  • Personal Precautions.

Cost: $15.00